What is SCS Communications?

SCS Communications is a feature rich, powerful VoIP telephone solution that is flexible, changeable, and tailored to your particular business. That being said, it’s not just a phone system. This product brings our industry knowledge and fast, personalized service directly into your business; other providers simply don’t have the industry experience that we do. The plethora of features paired with the SCS team behind it brings efficiency and value; this value GREATLY exceeds the cost. Our goal is to provide the best solution possible for servicers rather than attempt to be the cheapest price. Unlike other VoIP providers, we only sell our products within our industry; this means that from the moment you switch, you’re benefitting from our expertise.

Multiple platforms to ensure your system is just the right fit to make your communications as efficient as possible.

Modern Features: Recordings, Listen, Barge-in, Full Agent Visibility, and much, much more.

Top-tier support from service industry veterans: No other provider knows more about this industry than we do. Period. 

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